Personal Enhancement Process (PEP) Seminars

Goal Setting One-Day Seminar
Design a compelling future through implementing and installing 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 20 year goal achievement proceses into your life. PEP Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 processes implemented. $500/couple, $360/person, limit 8 people per seminar.

Time Managment 101
What could you do with more time with your family?
Increase your income, productivity and results in less--sometimes far less--time. Many real estate and sales professionals have doubled and quadrupled their incomes while cutting the amout of time they worked in half. Would you like to achieve similar results? Your investment in this two hour seminar can help you do far more in far less time, guaranteed. PEP level 1 processes implemented. $240/person, limit 10 people per seminar.

Passion Enhancement Process
This seminar is for couples only. Couples improve their relationships at all levels, and find themselves automatically doing the things their partners most enjoy, in most enjoyable ways. Enhance all areas of your family life, starting with your partner, your free time, your day-to-day love life. Turn up the volume, brightness and passionate excitement in your life. PEP Level 1, Level 2 processes implemented. $100/couple, limit 10 couples.

Abundance & Wealth Building Strategies
An excellent follow-up or pre-primer for our Goal Setting Seminar. In this seminar we implement wealth consciousness and abundance thinking processes into your ways of thinking, acting, and understanding of your future. Have adventures into various futures you could choose. Learn ways to attract new opportunities. Start acting immediately to implement time-proven budgeting and wealth creation strategies. Build a compelling future of amazing achievement and balanced life. The focus of this seminar is on building wealth while fully enjoying the process you use to create more wealth. No matter where your financial life is today, you will learn how to become instantly happy, constantly fulfilled, while buiding a life of abudance and joy for you, your partner, and your entire family. You spend more time with family, and less time working. Greater income, greater passion, more joy, more freedom and love in every area of your life. We go well beyond known secrets of wealth and abundance to help you immediately implement proven strategies to grow your assetts and enjoyment, now and into your future.

PEP Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 processes implemented. $720/couple, $550/person, limit 14 people per seminar.

Individualized Enhancement Training Services
We provide comprehensive coaching services available on a per hour basis, $150/hour, or a results basis (you pay 2-5% of your pre-tax income one year later). Other payment plans also available.

Couples Relationship Enhancement Services
We provide individual couples weith communication and relationship enhancement education on an hourly basis at $150/hour, sliding scale for low income or young couples. Payment plans available.